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Frequently asked questions about music and academic tuition

Yes! In fact, we welcome those with special educational needs.

We would not usually start teaching until the age of five years old. This is because of their concentration and capability to retain what is taught. However their learning abilities are always different, so if you feel that your child is particularly advanced but younger then please do contact us.

Not at all! Our oldest students have been in their eighties! Retirement is an ideal opportunity to learn something new or revisit something from the past.

Yes. This is important for practice imbetween lessons and for the lesson. However, the musical instrument does not need to be expensive.

This is completely normal. All of our tutors are friendly, approachable and relaxed. Very quickly you will feel confident and at ease so try not to worry!

We are happy to provide you with options for terms of lessons paid for in advance. The more lessons paid, the cheaper the rate. Please contact us for further information.

The current rate of £40.00 per hour is if we invoice by email after several lessons have been taught, or if lessons are paid for on the day of teaching.

The practice or self study is important but depending upon your own goals, you do not need plenty of time to learn. You will get out of it what you put into it though. Planning your schedule is very useful, as you can then find potential times during your busy week.

Yes! The lessons are individual to you. We always tailor the lessons to exactly what you would like to achieve.

Yes! We offer a complete range of syllabuses.

Very good. All of our tutors are talented, qualified and have teaching experience.