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The ideal gift...

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers make a special, unusual and memorable gift for any occasion.


These are available to purchase from one lesson to as many as you would like. They start at £40 per lesson and are presented in a gift wallet.

Give the gift of music. Vouchers available for lessons... or why not have a piece of music composed especially to mark the occasion?


These are a sample of my compositions:-



Jazz tribute


Memorie di passaggio

The late night bar

City lights

Taste of the Orient

New life

Tatum's Oscar

Dance of the Aristocrats




I will compose a piece of music, with title, for a special person or memorable occasion. This is presented in a gift folder.


This special gift will indicate that it was composed by me for the person or memorable occasion.


(Please note that the composition and title will remain copyright to me). I am happy to provide further details and cost on request.